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Robin Good: Vzaar is a hosted video delivery platform offering many useful features including support for all mobile devices, custom encoding, branding, analytics, subtitling, watermarking and more.

From REELSeo: "They offer everything from uploading and encoding all the way through to final delivery of the video content you are putting online. Vzaar has a customizable player, multiple security options for your videos and an extremely ergonomic management solution."

Interesting features include:

- Playlist creation

- Multiple uploading channels (A web uploader, desktop uploader (for Mac), iOS app, and API.

- Preset and Custom encoding profiles

- No-encoding at all option

- High quality audio encoding at 256 Kbps

- Custom brandable video player

- Support for HTML5 and Flash embeds

- Encoding support for all smart mobile devices

Pricing: "Vzaar has a 2GB plan which is free, 10GB for $10/mnth - and plans suited for small business with 100-750GB for $29-199 as well as an enterprise plan of 5TB for $499 a month."

Full review by REELSeo:http://www.reelseo.com/vzaar-video-platform-business/