This is a video demonstration of the new and free High Dynamic Range VIDEO feature for control over ultra contrast shooting situations.

HDR Video stands for High Dynamic Range. In essence you can record video with two exposure values one under and over, and then to combine these two streams together to generate video that offers great shadow and highlight details.

Magic Lantern is a custom firmware add-on for Canon DSLR cameras capable of providing HDR capabilities and many other fine controls not normally available in the camera. These include turning off AGC for audio, enabling the AV port for audio monitoring via headphones, a waveform to check background illumination, individual controls for exposure and shutter speed during video recording, and more.

It is not a hack, or a modified firmware, but it runs alongside Canon's own firmware, booting from the card every time you turn the camera on.

The only modification to the original firmware is the ability to boot software from the card.

Magic Lanter is open source and licensed under GPL.

Learn everything about the Magic Lantern open-source firmware here:

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See also this other video demo: 

Here is a video showing you how to install the firmware: 

Please see here for Magic Lantern updates and how to get your Magic Lantern bonus

Other Magic Lantern information can be read here 

If you support Magic Lantern development with a donation, you will get a few nice extras:

- A ready-to-run version of our HDR workflow, working on Windows (native), and also Mac and Linux (under Wine), with everything included in the zip file.
- A preview of the upcoming 5D Mark II unified version.