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From the official site: Meztura webKeyer is a software + hardware solution that makes it possible to overlay HTML5/Javascrip, Flash and Silverlight content on top of High Definition or Standard Definition video signals.

In other words, the system is able to overlay on top of On-air video any Web page or Web application respecting the transparency values ​​(alpha channel) defined therein.

This patent pending solution is unique in the world and allows television producers and broadcasters to easily create visual programs "widgets" to be used in their broadcasts: tapes loaded with the latest news in real time from RSS feeds, weather widgets, automatic generation of charts with real-time data coming from databases, markers for sporting events, clocks, insertion of messages with different effects and titles, integration with social networks as well as SMS-based interactive services, and generally anything that can be created with Web Standards, Flash or Silverlight.

Download Meztura webKeyer for free.

(The trial version has all the features presented in the licenced version but its output is watermaked.)

Downloads page (Win only):  

(Unearthed by: Nicolas Weil