The Perfect Assistant for Transcribing The Audio Track of Your Interviews: Transcribe | Online Video Publishing |

Robin Good: If you have ever transcribed a video interview, you know how frustrating is to pause, restart and rewind the video a million times to be able to get the full audio track to be transcribed properly.

Transcribe comes to the rescue with a free online service that facilitates the transcription of any video. Transcribe provides a set of dedicated options to step through the audio track to be transcribed easily. 

You can pause, stop, slow down, speed up and rewind and forward of a few seconds the track at any moment by using a few keys on your computer keyboard.

To use it you only need to upload your .wav or .mp3 audio track and you are ready to go-

Very useful. 9/10

The service is free to use: 

(Unearthed by Ana Cristina Pratas - Reviewed by Robin Good)