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Rescooped by Robin Good from Video Breakthroughs!

Corel Releases First HTML5-Capable Video-Editing Software

Corel Releases First HTML5-Capable Video-Editing Software | Online Video Publishing |

Corel makes one of the more appealing video editors around, VideoStudio Pro, and today the company announced the availability of the latest version of this enthusiast video-editing software, VideoStudio Pro X5.


The big news is the program's ability to generate HTML5 video content. Included authoring capabilites let users add clickable points on the Web video, such as cue points or video chapters. The software outputs to either H.264 or WebM formats. This means the video will display correctly in any browser that supports HTML, including the Apple iPad and iPhone's version of the Safari Web browser.

Via Nicolas Weil
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Scooped by Robin Good!

HTML5 Video: What It Is and Why You Should Use It [Video]

HTML5 Video: What It Is and Why You Should Use It [Video] | Online Video Publishing |

Robin Good: Jeroen Wijering, creator of the JW Player gave a valuable and informative presentation at the last HTML5 Video Summit event in Los Angeles, targeted at those video publishers wanting to better understand the key advantages of adopting HTML5 for video.

"HTML5 video is just a tag like an image tag, that is supported by HTML5. So you put a video tag in your website, you say ‘the source is this video,’ and it will play.

You don’t have to use Flash or Silverlight or other difficult tools or plug-ins. It’s a very basic way of embedding video on your website,” explained Wijering.

So that’s what it is, but why is it more useful that other methods of streaming video, such as Flash or Silverlight?

As to ‘why should I use it?,’ I think there’s two answers.

1) There’s a long-term answer in that if you have support in HTML5 itself, it’s a lot easier to have video interact with other stuff on your website. It’s a lot easier for accessibility purposes to be able to have blind people, deaf people jump into your video and see it in alternate ways. It’s a lot easier for search engines like Google to actually pick up the video. They have a lot of trouble right now because everybody has their own Flash player. ...That’s the long-term answer.

2) The short-term is much less elaborate.

“In terms of short term, it’s very simple: Apple does not support Flash,” said Wijering. Any publisher that wants to stream to iPad and iPhone owners had better get familiar with HTML5."

Recommended. 8/10

For more from the session including what audio and video codecs work with (some) HTML5 browsers, watch the full video: 

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Rescooped by Robin Good from Video Breakthroughs!

How To Build a HTML5 Video Player

How To Build a HTML5 Video Player | Online Video Publishing |

Want to roll your own HTML5 player?  Steve Heffernan at has a new full detailed technical guide just on this.


From the article intro: "When I was 6 years old, I had metal-capped front teeth, a lazy eye, an eye patch to correct my lazy eye, thick glasses, plastic tubes in my ears to drain fluids, and a speech impediment.


HTML5 video is kind of like me at 6 years old. It has the potential to some day be a fully functioning HTML tag. But right now, it has some issues.


In order to work with HTML5, we need to know what its issues are and how to patch them. That said, HTML5 video will some day be the default method developers use for playing video on the web.


Apple is holding strong on its decision not to support Flash on iOS, Adobe is cutting development on Flash for other mobile browsers, and more users support HTML5 video every day as Chrome takes over the browser market. That makes this a great time to get a head start on building video experiences with HTML5 video."


Comprehensive. 8/10


Full guide: 

Via Nicolas Weil
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Scooped by Robin Good!

The HTML5 Video Player: Video.js

The HTML5 Video Player: Video.js | Online Video Publishing |

Video.js is a HTML 5 video player built on JavaScript and CSS also known as an "HTML5 Video Player".

This open-source video player makes it easy and effective for online publishers needing to post video-based content, to utilize a technology that supports video display and reliable playback across all operating systems and playback devices out of the box.

An HTML5 Video Player is a JavaScript library that builds a custom set of controls over top of the HTML5 video element to provide a consistent look between HTML5 browsers.

Video.js builds on this by fixing many cross browser bugs or inconsistencies, adding new features that haven't been implemented by all browsers (like fullscreen and subtitles), as well as providing one consistent JavaScript API for both HTML5, Flash, and other playback technologies and a JavaScript API for interacting with the video.

Video.js is an open source project, which allows everyone to dig into the code and contribute updates. Level3 hosts the project on their CDN for free which means:

- Quick and painless setup.

- No downloads required.
- The files are delivered quickly and may already be cached.
- Your player software stays up-to-date as new devices are supported.

Find out more: 

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