Video Conversion Tools: FFmpeg for Broadcast and Professional Use - FFMedia Broadcast (ffmbc) Is Here | Online Video Publishing |

What you can do with FFMBC:


* Import your files in Final Cut Pro or AVID Media Composer by:

- Creating XDCAM HD422 files in .mov or .mxf

- Creating XDCAM IMX/D-10 files in .mov or .mxf

- Creating AVID DNxHD files in .mov

* Transcode your MPEG-2 4:2:2 Tranport Stream files containing S302M audio.

* Transcode your AVCHD files correctly.

* Merge and split your audio tracks.

* Create Quicktime files containing timecode tracks.

* Create audio files (mp3 and m4a) with cover art.

* Keep covert art when converting your audio files.

* Faststart MP4 for streaming (replace header in front) automatically.


FFmbc-0.7 BETA is synced on FFmpeg git 7cbb856efe6ccab7485bb96ad3887472a6519ffa


Sample use cases cmdline here :

Via Nicolas Weil