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DYI Digital Distribution Services For Independent Film and Video-Makers

DYI Digital Distribution Services For Independent Film and Video-Makers | Online Video Publishing |
So you've made your film... Now you start the biggest challenge of them all: getting it seen. We've complied a list of digital self-distribution platforms and asked each one why documentary filmmakers should pick their service over all the others.
Robin Good's insight:

If you have produced your own film or documentary and are trying to understand what are the different options, in terms of digital distribution, that are available to you, here is a good guide from the POV blog on PBS.

The guide reviews five available digital distribution services that do not require approval (like Netflix, Vodo, Indieflix, Indiepix):

  • Vimeo-On Demand
  • ReelHouse
  • MoPix
  • Distrify
  • CreateSpace
  • Chill

Useful. Informative. 8/10

Full guide: 

See also: Review of Vimeo On-Demand

content marketing's curator insight, March 22, 2023 7:01 PM

content marketing's curator insight, March 22, 2023 7:07 PM

Scooped by Robin Good!

HTML5 Video: What It Is and Why You Should Use It [Video]

HTML5 Video: What It Is and Why You Should Use It [Video] | Online Video Publishing |

Robin Good: Jeroen Wijering, creator of the JW Player gave a valuable and informative presentation at the last HTML5 Video Summit event in Los Angeles, targeted at those video publishers wanting to better understand the key advantages of adopting HTML5 for video.

"HTML5 video is just a tag like an image tag, that is supported by HTML5. So you put a video tag in your website, you say ‘the source is this video,’ and it will play.

You don’t have to use Flash or Silverlight or other difficult tools or plug-ins. It’s a very basic way of embedding video on your website,” explained Wijering.

So that’s what it is, but why is it more useful that other methods of streaming video, such as Flash or Silverlight?

As to ‘why should I use it?,’ I think there’s two answers.

1) There’s a long-term answer in that if you have support in HTML5 itself, it’s a lot easier to have video interact with other stuff on your website. It’s a lot easier for accessibility purposes to be able to have blind people, deaf people jump into your video and see it in alternate ways. It’s a lot easier for search engines like Google to actually pick up the video. They have a lot of trouble right now because everybody has their own Flash player. ...That’s the long-term answer.

2) The short-term is much less elaborate.

“In terms of short term, it’s very simple: Apple does not support Flash,” said Wijering. Any publisher that wants to stream to iPad and iPhone owners had better get familiar with HTML5."

Recommended. 8/10

For more from the session including what audio and video codecs work with (some) HTML5 browsers, watch the full video: 

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Scooped by Robin Good!

Upload Once and Distribute To All Video and Social Media Sharing Sites: OneLoad

Upload Once and Distribute To All Video and Social Media Sharing Sites: OneLoad | Online Video Publishing |

Robin Good: OneLoad lets users upload a video once and have it syndicated throughout multiple platforms.

"OneLoad is a video distribution service for brand
advertisers and content creators who want to easily
seed their videos to the top video and social networking sites."

The service, which was originally part of the TubeMogul service, in now fully independent.

Key features include: 

  • Create custom feeds for iTunes, Yahoo! And other MRSS feed readers
  • Easily create and automate customized video distribution venues (predefined sets)
  • Powerful reporting dashboard to view, compare and contrast viewership information on your videos across video-sharing sites - Analytics include views, comments and ratings trended over time
  • Choose any frame from your video to be the thumbnail image
  • Instead of uploading a video file to OneLoad manually, enter a URL where the file is already hosted
  • Add and remove videos from any video sharing site immediately or according to your pre-set schedule.
  • A free basic accout allows you to deploy up to 100 times the clips you have uploaded ((i.e. one video distributed to five sites counts as five video deployments).

Pricing info: 

Find out more: 

planetMitch's comment, February 16, 2012 8:10 AM
Hi Robin, hadn't seen this one. Have been using and am very happy with their service. Looks like they do similar things but also have some differences. Thanks for showing me something new