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Scooped by Robin Good!

Script and Visualize Your Next Shoot with Storyboard Generator

Script and Visualize Your Next Shoot with Storyboard Generator | Online Video Publishing |

Robin Good: This free service kindly provided by the Australian centre for the Moving Image, allows film and video students as well as buddying film freaks to easily create a reference storyboard without knowing how to draw a line.

The tool is completely web-based, and it provides a choice of three possible types of scripts to work on: 

a) Romance

b) Comedy

c) Horror

Once you have chosen a script, the online scripting editor makes it easy for you to work on your script as you would expect.

Then, using a library of camera shots and moves that can be easily dragged and dropped on your empty storyboard canvas, you can give visual life to your script. You can add your own pictures and illustrations to the library as to customize the storyboard in any way you want.

Useful. 7/10

Video tutorials: 

More info: 

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Scooped by Robin Good!

Script and Storyboard in the Cloud and on your Mobile or Tablet with Celtx

Robin Good: Celtx is a complete ecosystem to write, organize, script, edit and storyboard your next video, documentary or short film.

Designed with independent producers and writers in mind, Celtx provides both a cloud-based as well as mobile apps for both iOs and Android that allow you to easily work with your scripts from anywhere.

Key basic features include:

  • Automatic formatting to industry and international standards
  • Scene lock for editing scripts in production
  • Text lock for scripts breakdown
  • Auto adapt from one script type to another (e.g. screenplay to stageplay)
  • Story development forms for 36 production categories
  • Index cards with list view

Optional paid add-ons provide unique specific features such as a library of clipart images for storyboarding or advanced writer's formatting features.

More info and immediate sign-up:

Massimiliano Cammuso's comment, March 1, 2012 9:28 PM
Celtx has always been a good product.
Now it will be more powerful!
Charlie Dare's curator insight, August 18, 2013 10:58 AM

Robin Good continues to be an enlightened guru and source of knowledge for independent entertainment productions and screenplay writers.Celtx looks like you can take your work with you and work on your script anywhere.Creativity can be focused on in quiet places..Thanks again Robin~