Robin Good: Sketchcasting is a new feature inside that allows anyone to record a screencast of a code-writing session.

If you are programmer, developers, student or teacher, you may have found already the need to show and explain to someone else how you have coded something and what kind of results or problems this can cause.

The Sketchcast feature allows you to record both your code-writing session as well as your own voice, so that you can explain what you are doing with the code.

"Your viewers can then experiment with your code at any point in recording playback. Learn why this is interesting:"

Key traits:

1) Anyone can record a sketchcast. Open the normal code editor, press “record”, and talk as you code. You’ll get a unique URL to share with others.

2) Sketchcasting is collaborative. Groups of people can code together while recording a sketchcast, and groups of people can code together while experimenting with forked versions of existing sketchcasts.

3) All viewer comments and Q&A are automatically time-coded. While I’ve argued for and hand-built time-anchored Q&A learning tools in the past, I got it here for free as a part of the excellent Soundcloud audio player.



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