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Scooped by Robin Good!

The Top 100 Tools to Capture, Edit, Publish and Distribute Video Online

The Top 100 Tools to Capture, Edit, Publish and Distribute Video Online | Online Video Publishing |
The best tools and services to capture, edit, publish and distribute video online.
Robin Good's insight:

The best video publishing tools categorized and sorted into a fast-access directory.

In this new free catalog of online tools and services that I have been culling for a few months in the background, you can find over 100 tools that I have personally tested and verified, that can help you with your online video publishing needs.

This tools directory already includes over 22 different categories including:

  • Video sharing
  • Live streaming
  • Video editing tools
  • Screencasting and video capture
  • Video stock footage
  • Webcam utilities
  • Teleprompting tools
  • Tools to make a video interactive
  • Video player
  • Video codecs
  • Video encoding services 

Free to use.

Full directory:

Feel free to suggest more relevant tools where appropriate.

Ihor Kobets's curator insight, November 28, 2016 1:21 PM
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Yael Even-Levy, PhD (Second Life: JoelleYalin)'s curator insight, February 16, 2020 6:43 PM

All the tools you'll ever need to capture, edit, and publish your education videos in one place

Jazmine's curator insight, June 15, 2021 1:09 PM
Here is a list of all the tools you can use to start off your content creation. As soon as you click the link it takes you to a list of numerous tools listed by categories. These categories are Video Builder, Live Video Streaming, Screen casting tools, Top video sharing sites, and much more. Each category is listed by ranking, but it is up to you to decide which is more favorable to you!
Scooped by Robin Good!

Coming Up Next: Convert SD Video To True HD 1080 with BetterView SD2HD

BetterView is a company who has developed a new sets of algorithms capable of  literally converting a "standard definition" video (480p) into a true HD video (1080p). 

"In image editing and post-production, a regular blow-up or conversion relies on simple interpolation, and therefore it does not provide any increase in the "true-optical-resolution".

BetterView's solution is different: It has been known for the past 20 years that, in principle, one could take several low-quality images and fuse them into a single, higher-resolution outcome. This has been demonstrated by scientists, adopting various techniques and algorithms.

The process is known as Super-Resolution (SR), which became a hot field in image processing, with thousands of academic papers published during the past two decades on the problem and ways to handle it.

The classical approach to fuse the low-quality images requires finding an exact correspondence between their pixels, a process known as "motion estimation", but the scientists and engineers behind BetterView have now find a way to bypass altogether this time consuming task while obtaining the same results."

BetterView is being offered in three possible ways: as an enterprise service via modular server racks, as an encoder on a chip, and as a could-based service.

The product/service has no public pricing yet and cannot be purchased if not by directly contacting the company.


Find out more: 

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