Robin Good: YouTube has released a new set of features for video-makers of all levels which allow you to replace your video's soundtrack for free with a song from the YouTube library of hundreds of thousands of audio tracks.

To try it out, go to your Video Manager, select Edit, select Enhancements, then select Audio.

From IBTimes: "In the latest update to the video-sharing site, YouTube is rolling out new audio editing tools that will make it easier for uploaders to layer several audio tracks on top of one another.

Prior to the update, YouTube offered an AudioSwap feature that let users replace a video's audio track with one of the company's thousands of licensed audio tracks.

The new update has catapulted YouTube's licensed track count to more than 150,000.

The update will also give YouTube uploaders the ability to adjust volume levels on each track .


Prior to the latest update, users could add licensed tracks to videos, but the audio levels could not be adjusted -- it would simply replace the video's audio track.

The latest audio editing tools will be rolled out over the next few days. To try them on the video's you've uploaded, go to "edit settings" from the video manager."