Robin Good: The FFV SideKick HD is a portable hard-disk recorder that can be connected directly to the digital output ports of any videocamera or camcorder.

The input signal can be either in HDMI or HD/SDI format as the unit accepts and converts each one into the other making them available through its output ports.

The benefits it offers include the ability to record video at the highest possible quality, with bitrates as high as 220Mbits with 4:2:2 sampling
and 10-bit precision.

SideKick HD provides an ideal "confidence" preview recorder, that allows you to instantly see what has been shot on its 4.3" screen.

The SideKick HD records on a removable SDD drive of 128GB providing an approximate recording time of 70 minutes. Larger drive sizes are available.

Files are recorded in .mov format and can be immediately utilized inside any standard video editing software.

Price is around 2,000eu net of VAT.

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