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Robin Good: Manfrotto has just announced at NAB Las vegas the launch of the world’s first true electronic follow-focus remote controls for Canon HDSLR’s.

Two distinct models are available:

a) Clamp version

b) Pro version

These new Manfrotto remote controls for Canon HDSLR’s all work by interfacing directly camera and lens firmware.

"Until now, follow-focus equipment has been based on an expensive, delicate hardware system of a gear-tooth belt fastened around the lens focus ring, hand-turned or motor-driven, usually via an off-axis second geared dial: every lens or set-up change has required slow and precise adjustment of components; every movement of the focus dial and lens has brought the risk of an unwanted shift in framing; every camera operator has needed to use one hand – or even an additional person – to control follow-focus alone; and follow-focus at a distance (for example, when the camera is mounted on a crane) has been almost impossible.

By interfacing with the camera’s electronics, it’s not just “normal” follow-focus operations, in- and out- focus point pre-sets and focusing speed that can be ably managed by Manfrotto’s remote controls; many other camera functions can also be operated from the same convenient hand grip or clamp unit, including:

  • record start & stop,
  • photo/video switching and
  • shutter release,
  • live view,
  • one-touch auto-focus,
  • digital zoom,
  • aperture
  • exposure,
  • ISO settings and more.

Manfrotto’s remote controls are Canon HDSLR compatible. 

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