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Robin Good: Tom Guilmette has published an excellent guide on how you can use multiple GoPro camcorders to do a live video stream of a live event.

From the original article: "For under $300 you get a tiny wide angle 16:9 1080p camera that is also a self contained video camcorder.

The GoPro records picture and sound to built in SD cards as mp4 files.

You can put GoPros anywhere (and yea, they are even waterproof in the included case).

And now GoPro has released a Hero2 new model that has sharper optics, an easy to navigate menu, better light sensitivity and more recording options.

...many of you may not know that these little cameras can output analog and HD signals that can be fed into a live production truck.

This article will tell you how to do it and why most attempts to get these to work as live POVs prove to be an epic failure."

The article includes lots of tips on ancillary equipment you will need such cables, plugs, convertes and convertors of all kinds, including links and product images.

Highly recommended. 9/10

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