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Google has just released an open-source video player which allows any web publisher to not only embed and display any video clip saved in a supported format, but also the ability to integrate whole groups of clips into a dedicated Categories feature.

"When a user opens the Video Player Sample web app, they can choose to watch a single video or create a playlist of videos/episodes from a list that they have uploaded and populated to the app."

Key features include: 

  • Ability to subscribe to shows, watch episodes, create playlists
  • Support for multiple video formats (depending on what the user’s browser supports (including WebM, Ogg, MP4, and even a Flash fallback)
  • A Categories page with an overview of the different shows/categories available in the app
  • Notifications of new episodes (when the app is installed via the Chrome Web Store)
  • Built in support for sharing to Google+, Twitter and Facebook
  • Player look & feel customization
  • All source files, including the Photoshop PSD’s, are included


Original Google announcement: 

Technical info: 

Chrome app: 

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(Reviewed by Robin Good)