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From the official site: "Vyclone is a mobile video app that lets you co-create, sync and share movies with people around you.


From TheNextWeb review: "Vyclone is a free iOS app (UK-only for now), that professes to let you “Record life from all angles” – in short, it lets users collaborate from different locations and perspectives to “co-create, sync and share movies”.


Vyclone lets you upload a clip to its servers, where other users can throw their own shots into the mix to create a crowdsourced movie encompassing, literally, different points-of-view. Once you’re in you can browse existing videos, or start shooting footage yourself.


It’s worth noting that once you upload a video for the Vyclone-using public to access, others can remix it and do as they please.


You can choose what content you want to share publicly through Vyclone, and whether you want to keep it private between you and your buddies. If you don’t choose ‘public’ or ‘private’, it will default to the former.


A nice little feature is that you can search for movies that have already been created nearby, which obviously lends itself well to event-specific video collaborations.

Once you’re done shooting or remixing the movie with the built-in editing tool, you can choose to broadcast your movie across all the usual social networks.


It’s worth noting that the app is UK-only for now, though as The Guardian notes, a full-scale launch should happen this year. And an Android app is in the works too..."


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