Caption and Sub-Title Your Video Clips with CapScribe (Mac) | Online Video Publishing |

Robin Good: CapScribe Open is a freely available Mac-based video editor for overlaying captions, sub-titles and descriptions on Quicktime, YouTube, and Flash videos.

CapScribe runs only on Intel Macs.

To get a free copy simply send an email to: info[at]
P.S.: be sure to replace the "[at]" with an "@" in the email address. You must put "CapScribe Request" in the header it we may not get back to you. Be sure to include the following survey questions and responses in your email: What do you do (where do you work, if relevant to your request. If at a university, please identify the group/research unit you're involved with, don't just identify the school)? How you're planning to use CapScribe?
Are you a previous user of CapScribe? How did you heard about CapScribe?

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